Under Pressure Line Valves

Waterworx under pressure valve system allows us to install line valves to an existing pipeline without any disruption to customers or supply.

The system is essentially an under pressure saddle which has a valve contained in the bonnet of the fitting. Once the saddle has been fitted to the pipeline and pressure tested we mill a half moon insertion slot in the top half of the pipe using our specialist under pressure drill equipment.

As soon as the insertion slot is completed we remove the drilling equipment and attach the bonnet which has the valve enclosed. Once the bonnet is bolted on and the sandwich valve removed we have a fully operational new line valve installed, whilst the main has been fully operational and no disruption has been to customers.

This technology is perfect for stand alone strategic mains that cannot be taken out of service or critical mains feeding high priority areas.

Using this system will eliminate the need for planning works associated with traditional valve installation methods such as re-routing supply to customers, shut down procedures, issuing customer warnings etc.


  • No Interruption Or Customer Disruption
  • Planning Works Greatly Reduced
  • Water Quality Maintained
  • Reduced Risk Of Contamination
  • No Costly Shut Downs