Reservoir/Wastewater Tank Rehabilitation

Waterworx Ltd also specialise in the rehabilitation of concrete water and wastewater assets. Concrete corrosion and deterioration will occur to a structure over time; this can be accelerated dependant on the liquid the tank is storing. Waterworx apply a HDPE Aqua Liner to the existing concrete structure which provides a premium solution for the protection of the concrete asset, resulting in extended life of the structure.

Sheets of the HDPE Liner are applied to the structure via insertion rails that are drilled and bolted to the concrete. Jointing and sealing together sections of the liner is readily achieved by a trained Waterworx operator using a heat fusing process, the resultant weld is equivalent in protection to that of the parent sheet. This then creates a new leak-proof barrier and protects the concrete.

Advantages in renovation include;

  • Easy handling and rapid installation
  • Bridging of cracks in the substructure
  • High chemical resistance
  • High mechanical strength
  • Smooth anti adhesive surface

The ability of HDPE Liners to resist deterioration when exposed to chemicals and liquids is well known, our liner system is fully resistant to chlorinated water and sewage.

Waterworx HDPE Liner system can also be installed to new concrete structures. In the construction of new tanks sheets are attached to the wall formwork and joined together with sections, the walls are then subsequently concreted. The anchor studs on the rear of the liner ensure a positive bond is achieved between the liner and the concrete.

Using this technique will;

  • Extend the life of the structure
  • Prevent concrete corrosion
  • Reduce maintaince costs


Reservoir under construction, Aqua liner is attached to formwork prior to the wall being poured




Walls have been poured and formwork stripped, HDPE Aqua liner has now created a positive bond with the concrete, the seams and joints can now be heat fusion welded.



Reservoir fully completed with the HDPE Aqua Liner