Under Pressure Hydrant & Air Valve Replacement

Waterworx Hydrant/Air Valve Replacement system has the capability to replace faulty and leaking fittings without the need to shut down the line and cause disruption to supply and customers.

The system works by fitting a small under pressure saddle to the hydrant/air valve riser. Once fitted we drill the riser under pressure to form a clean cut hole. We then insert a bladder into the riser and inflate; this then isolates the Hydrant/Air Valve while the main below functions as normal.

Once the damage fitting has been replaced we then deflate the bladder and remove.

The key benefits to the system is that the customer and supply are not affected, shutting down strategic mains to perform this work traditionally would require heavily planned works and informing all customers who will be affected, this system solves this issue with no down time or interruption.

Our system can also be used for the flow stopping of lines up to 200mm, if a repair is needed to be made on the line we can flow stop the line just a few metres back from where the work needs to be completed which will greatly reduce the amount of customers affected by the works.