Under Pressure Drilling (Hot Tapping)

Waterworx are specialists when it comes to under pressure drilling or hot tapping as it is commonly known.

Under pressure drilling enables the installation of a connection, without any disruption to a live pipeline

Waterworx Under Pressure Drilling uses a diverse range of equipment with capabilities of ¼” to 24”

Utilising our services we can establish:

  • Branch Connections (Up To 24”)
  • New Fire Hydrants
  • New Air Valves
  • Bypass During Rehabilitaion Works

The operation of under pressure drilling involves fitting an isolating valve to a short section of the pipeline. Once the isolation valve is fitted, it is opened to allow the drilling head to be flanged into place. When the pipeline has been drilled the valve is closed and the drilling rig removed.

The key benefits to under pressure drilling are:

  • No interruption to customers or supply
  • No drain down time
  • No planning works for reconfiguring supply to customers
  • Rapid installation
  • No customer warning (System not being depressurised)