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critical valve maintaince January 13, 2016

Waterworx Valve exercising equipment is a fully automated system which applys minimal torque to free stuck and neglected valves without the risk of traditional methods. With GIS being incorporated we give you the ability capture and record critical information on the health of your valves.

Implementing a valve management program to reduce the number of non-working valves in the system has a direct effect on the reliability of your system. The reliability of a water distribution system is measured by its ability to deliver a satisfactory level of service. Reliability is knowing the system is working correctly.

Working valves are critical components of a reliable water system. Valves are also an important component for providing reliability in the system. When there is a source of water leakage, valves are used

Welcome to Waterworx website. September 6, 2012

Waterworx are proud to introduce the pipescan system to Ireland which is the next generation in pipeline inspection technology. The system allows accurate remaining life expectancy of the pipework to be calculated where thousands of measurements are obtained during the survey. The system allows pipework of all materials to be scanned, which measures pipe wall thickness, lining thickness and any structural defects which are on the pipeline. It is being seen as a proactive approach to leakage as we are fit to determine were the weak points are in a pipeline before it will fail.

Waterworx have already completed projects in the UK, Australia and New Zealand with the pipescan and this system gives reliable data on true asset condition as we can complete up to 200metres from one insertion