Pipeline Condition Assessment

Utilizing Waterworx Non Disruptive Pressurized Water Main HD CCTV technology we can give the client a true representation of exactly what is happening in their pipeline. We are able to

  • Assess Condition Of The Pipe Wall
  • Identify Internal Pitting/ Corrosion
  • Condition Of Internal Lining
  • Assess Tuberculation Levels
  • Validate Pipe Materials
  • Locate Blockages/Faults
  • Inspection Of Pipe Joints/ Fittings

With the camera incorporated in our system we can also accurately locate:

  • Service connections on the pipeline
  • Locate lost/buried valves
  • Check how on line valves are performing
  • Accurately pinpoint lateral connections
  • Air pockets along the pipeline which can lead to pressure surges
  • Changes in pipe material, and other fittings such as reducers etc

By completing these surveys we can eliminate the need for dry hole digging and pot holing as we know exactly what is happening in the network and position of fittings.