Leak Detection

As well as having HD CCTV in our none disruptive pressurized water main system; we also have a hydrophone and sonde incorporated. This allows us to accurately locate the smallest of leaks in all pipeline diameters 4” and above.

As the system travels up the pipeline the sensor head passes over the leak with real time acoustic and video data being sent back to our engineers at the launch point. This gives us the advantage in that we can detect leaks in all pipe materials. Furthermore we can pinpoint the location of the system above ground utilizing the sonde.

Trunk Main leakage is an ongoing problem for water authorities and contractors, in that leaks can be difficult to locate due to the depth, size and material of the pipe.

Our LDS 1000 technology is a tethered system in that it uses the flow to propel itself down the pipeline. From a single entry point we have the capability of surveying 1km worth of pipeline depending on the flow and internal condition of the pipe.

To date Waterworx has 100% success rate on detecting leaks on trunk mains 375mm and above. The majority of the work we have undertook abroad with our partners JD7 was to provide accurate leak detection solutions on trunk main systems for water authorities and governments.